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About us

Established over 15 years ago, we are one of the best consumer goods companies offering unparalleled product experiences. Whilst exploring what our households need, we discovered cleanliness stands at first. This led us in creating and delivering absolute cleaning solutions for you. Our company was founded with the goal of promoting a wide range of innovative and ….

Our Products

Explore our innovative products developed by a team of professionals with considerable multi-industry knowledge to make your life easier.

Auto Care Products

Laundry Products

House Keeping Products

Home Care Products


Intensive knowledge in cutting edge technologies and enormous zeal for innovation equipped us with utmost facilities to produce products to make things better.

Our Services

We extend our service in manufacturing products for various purposes.

Auto Care Service

We are the providers of high quality auto care products that includes Detergent liquid, Interior cleaning shampoo, Foam wash shampoo, Tyre polish, Dashboard polish, Vehicle cleaning powder…

Laundry Service

We are well known as one of the leading producers of hygiene products. Out of these, laundry products are always the priority of our customers. We provide the best products at best possible prices…

Housekeeping Service

The habit of cleanliness and hygiene should begin from our own home. This fact is the main motive that pushed us forward to make quality products for housekeeping. We help families and…

Home Care Service

For spotless cleaning, you can always rely upon our homecare products. We have everything you need for cleaning your castle. We have a wide range of products exclusively for home cleaning…

Our Clients

Our clients are our priority and we never fail to provide them with quality products